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Would you considering giving the gift of Hope, Healing and Restoration?

our vision

We exist to offer hope, healing, and restoration to a million lives, one person at a time.

take a pause

Wish life had a PAUSE button? At Pause Ministries, you are encouraged to take a break, put things in perspective and reflect on God's direction for your life. You'll consider family, work, relationships — in connection with faith. Learn tools to balance your life and bring it into spiritual alignment. Discover how to think with your heart. Learn what needs to added — or taken out — so that you can live life fully.


our offerings

PAUSE from the temptations, compulsions and addictions that drive your present. Discover a Christ-centered future. Uncover joy. Restore hope. Encounter judgment-free fellowship. Develop personal accountability, spiritual disciplines and life balance.

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Pause intensive workshops are clinical, faith-based 5-day workshops and sessions that teach you essential skills to achieve spiritual, emotional and relational healing.

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Judgement-free, confidential, coach-based groups and meetings designed to help you take steps toward healing and restoration:

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Finding true freedom from our destructive behaviors happens one conversation at a time. Walking the journey with another person makes the pain bearable and the progress measurable.​

reaching a breaking point?

Connect with Pause and take your first step toward hope, healing, and restoration.

looking for hope?

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Stressed Man
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Feeling lost or ashamed?

We can help you find a path toward hope and confidence through our judgment-free, faith-based approach to life management.

Embarrassed or overwhelmed?

We are here for you, even when it feels like your life is falling apart. There is no shame as we help you navigate through pain to hope and healing.

Looking for faith-based resources?

A biblical approach and our partnership with churches and therapists provide you with key resources and tools to restore the relationships in your life.

Holding Hands

When I heard about Pause Ministries, my life and marriage lay in utter ruin. I was without hope. Pause looked like a "Hail Mary Pass" to the end zone. But I gave it a shot. I  thank God for the role it has played in my recovery, healing and success. Thank you so very much!

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