MENS: Jan 14-18
WOMENS: Mar 18-22

Feeling lost, alone and misunderstood?

Are you confused and desperate?

Are you anxious, depressed or suicidal?

Addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol or anger?

restore workshop


RESTORE WORKSHOP is a 5-day, faith-based intensive program designed to help you identify the root cause of chaos in your life. Led by highly qualified professionals and therapists, the biblically-driven RESTORE WORKSHOP uniquely blends clinical therapies and spiritual principles to help you identify destructive coping strategies and replace them with practical behavioral solutions that can lead to healing and wholeness.

Identify, label and express healthy emotions

Uncover fears, triggers and destructive patterns

Develop a personalized healthy living strategy

Men's Workshop
January 14-18, 2022

Women's Workshop
March 18-22, 2022


take back your life. today!

Men's Workshop: JANUARY 14-18, 2022
Women's Workshop: March 18-22, 2022

frequently asked questions

What can I expect to get from attending this workshop?

The RESTORE WORKSHOP is a critical starting point for desperate situations. Designed to help you identify destructive patterns and negative coping strategies, this intensive course will provide you a much-needed jump start towards wholeness and healthy spiritual disciplines. Because this workshop is merely a starting point toward healing, you will be encouraged to continue personal growth through on-going Pause Ministry groups, connections and resources.

What takes place during the workshop?

Much of the workshop is spent in a group setting. There will also be opportunities for you to work directly and individually with our staff. Our staff will teach clinical strategies and spiritual disciplines while offering you and your group opportunities to share individual stories as you process deep emotional work. The groups are empathetic and helpful as you process pain and discuss tough topics in a judgment-free zone. You'll benefit from new relationships, clinically-proven techniques and spiritual wisdom.

What about confidentiality?

The single most important component of this process, and the fundamental key to its success, is confidentiality. All participants pledge to keep all shared stories confidential and private. What is said in workshop, stays in workshop. Pause Ministries has implemented specific rules and guidelines to ensure absolute privacy.

How many people attend a workshop?

The number of participants may occasionally vary, but the maximum is 20.

Should I discuss the workshop with my personal therapist or counselor?

It is very important that you discuss your participation in the RESTORE WORKSHOP in advance with your therapist. The workshop may play a key role in your on-going therapy and treatment. Our team of professionals can speak speak with your therapist both before and after the workshop, at your request.

How much does it cost?

The cost of $2750 for the 5-day workshop includes full room, board, meals, counseling and materials.

I can't afford the full cost. Do you offer assistance?

Partial scholarships are available to those in need. Please speak with our Financial Aid office to see if you qualify.