church partnerships

Since Pause's humble beginnings, church partnerships have been essential to the health of serving men (and women) whose destructive behaviors have been causing damage to themselves and to those around them. 

Pause provides a much needed safe place for the 15% of our culture that the church and professional community often struggle to serve well.  Beyond financial support, church partnerships provide Pause with small group listings, staff referrals for Pause support services, and potential Pause Group meeting locations as Pause continues to serve NJ and beyond.

Interested in becoming a Pause Church Partner?


Partnering with psychological and mental health professionals, Pause has provided a safe, non-judgemental community for men and women to form healthy relationships as they journey through the healing process.

Counselors, psychiatrists, and counselors can have confidence referring their clients to local Pause Groups, Pause Restore Workshops, and The Healing House.

Do you have clients seeking faith-sensitive communities in their healing journey? Are you looking for additional clinical programs and emotional support services as a professional?